dragon ball legends characters list

dragon ball legends characters list

The characters in Dragon Ball Legends will not surprise you any more, maybe their fighting stats or rarity in the game. As new fighters are supplemented with the ongoing story or introduced by special events, we would like to present a list here that we will expand with the newest characters every now and then.

Strengths and weaknesses of the characters

Characters are assigned to a color (or an element), which decides on advantages and disadvantages compared to other fighters and at the same time determines the type. A similar system will be familiar to many of you from Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle . This scissors-stone-paper principle works as follows:

(White <Black) < Red < Yellow < Purple < Green < Blue < Red

In combat you will be shown directly by arrows next to the character avatar , whether you will have a benefit or a disadvantage in the direct duel. The difference between effective and ineffective is sometimes enormous, so you should not underestimate it.

An exception are characters from the category white and black . Both have an advantage over the other colors, with white still being effective against black.

Incidentally, the scissors-stone-paper principle above also applies to the attacks of the characters selected as cards in combat. A blow (red) counters a ranged attack (yellow) and so on.

List of all characters in Dragon Ball – Legends

Now that we have clarified the strengths and weaknesses of the character types, we would like to present a detailed table with all the fighters. To do this, we’ll share another photo spread that the warhorses will show you in detail:

The following list shows you all the characters. Via the names of the warhorses, you will get directly to the respective page of the photo gallery above. We will mark new characters so you can see them all at a glance. There are also several versions of some characters – so do not be confused by duplications:


  • SSJ Trunks: Adult (Red)
  • SSJ Vegeta (Red)
  • Broly (Legendary SSJ) (Blue)
  • Ginyu (Green)
  • Son-Gohan: Child (Yellow)
  • Piccolo (green)
  • SSJ Son Goku (Red)
  • Pikkon (Yellow)
  • Vegeta (Purple)
  • Piccolo (green)
  • Pan (Blue)

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  • Cyborg No. 19 (red)
  • Cyborg No. 20 (yellow)
  • Trunks: Adult (Yellow)
  • Frost (Final Form) (Blue)
  • Freezer (First Form) (Blue)
  • Yamcha (green)
  • Vegeta (green)
  • Freezer (Third Form) (Purple)
  • Kuririn (red)
  • Piccolo (Fusion with Nail) (Yellow)
  • Son Goku (Blue)
  • Tenshinhan (Yellow)
  • Radditz (Blue)
  • Nappa (red)
  • Tao Baibai (Purple)
  • Chao-Zu (Purple)


  • Jaco (green)
  • Cyborg No. 19 (Blue)
  • Cyborg No. 20 (Purple)
  • Yamcha (yellow)
  • Plant Man (Purple)
  • Frost (Final Form) (Yellow)
  • Freezer (Second Form) (Red)
  • Ginyu (Red)
  • Schallot (white)
  • Son Goku (Yellow)
  • Vegeta (Blue)
  • Freezer (First Form) (Green)
  • Tenshinhan (Blue)
  • Chao-Zu (Green)
  • Yamcha (green)
  • Kuririn (Purple)
  • Piccolo (Fusion with Nail) (Red)
  • Son-Gohan: Child (Green)
  • Radditz (Blue)
  • Nappa (Yellow)
  • Baata (Blue)
  • Jees (Purple
  • Rikuum (red)
  • Zarbon (green)
  • Guldo (Blue)
  • Dodoria (Red)
  • Jaco (red)
  • Plant Man (Yellow)

As you can see, there are several versions of Son Goku, Vegeta or Nappa . These differ mostly in type (color), abilities and rarity. The fighting power in the offensive and defense is different.