Dragon Ball Legends Cheats & Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Legends Cheats & Strategy Guide

The ultimate Dragon Ball experience is finally here! Dragon Ball Legends is a complete 3D fighting game with iconic fighters from the legendary manga series. Battle with a brand new character created by Akira Toriyama, the original creator of the Dragon Ball series. Battle your story with intuitive touch controls with a simple map-based combat system.

Dragon Ball Legends is about keeping up the pressure and using tactics to your advantage. We’ll talk about all the important combat tips you should keep in mind. Let’s start with our Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Finish the challenges!

For each chapter of the main story campaign, optional tasks are available. To be precise, a chapter can have seven challenges. These challenges range from clearing the battle without crashing any of your fighters, or from special attacks that land multiple times. Before you go into battle, you should check what the challenges are, so that you can refuse as many as possible the first time.

Complete a challenge and you will receive three chrono crystals, the valuable premium currency of the game. This means that if you manage to pass seven challenges you will receive 21 Chrono Crystals! Not only that, but fulfilling all the challenges will also bring you 10 rare medals that can be exchanged for rare materials.

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Again – make sure you look at the list of challenges first. Of course, some of them are completed when you are just fighting, but some challenges require doing very specific things.

Pay attention to elementary benefits!

You can see the elements of all the enemies you will tackle in a story chapter. Make sure to choose your fighters accordingly, because the elemental advantage can really make the difference!

But that’s not the end. During the battle, look at your party list in the lower left corner of the screen to see who has the current advantage or disadvantage, if any. Switch off your fighters if you have to, and bring along the fighter who has the advantage!

Get some distance to load Ki!

If you’re in a bind and you need to manually charge your ki, make sure you set some distance before doing so. Once you’ve loaded Ki, you’re locked in the animation for a few seconds, which means you’re vulnerable! Dodge away or just retreat before you charge Ki to give yourself time to respond.

A good time to manually charge Ki is after using a red art card. The final hit of a red art combo usually throws the opponent back a long way and gives you some time to recharge.

Turn off when it gets hard!

Remember, you can swipe to dodge, but it will consume the disappearance indicator. If the disappearance indicator is empty, you will not be able to wipe any more, so be careful! A good tactic is simply to change the fighters – this will cause your alignment knives to refill immediately. This also drops your opponent!

Collect many rare medals!

Do you remember the rare medals you mentioned – the ones you get to meet all the challenges in a level? You’ll need a lot of it because the most important things you can buy are the materials your favorite fighters are limiting. Another way to get them is to play in ranked PvP mode. You will compete against other players in real-time PvP, so make sure you are prepared!

The same combat tips apply, but remember that this is a live opponent you fight, so expect the unexpected! If you win enough ranked battles, your leaderboard will increase. The higher the league, the more rewards you will get, including rare medals.

That’s it for Dragon Ball Legends! If you have more combat tips to share, let us know in the comments below!