7 Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

7 Dragon Ball Legends Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Legends is one of the few mobile games that can be played very well without the use of real money. We have already spent several weeks in the fighting game and now want to present you tips that will help you in the advanced course of the game.

Dragon Ball Legends is all about leveling your characters and growing chrono crystals to summon new heroes. But also the online fight against other players is important and does not cost you any energy points. Here are 7 dragon ball legends tips to make the game easier for you.

Never waste experience points!

Your characters can reach a maximum level of 1,000. Until then, however, there are two hurdles to overcome at levels 300 and 600. Here you have to first unlock a corresponding number of boost boards and also possess super souls to ascend from the novice to the fighter and finally the Adept.

If you have not met these requirements yet, your character will first be set to level 300 or 600. Be sure to remove these heroes from your active group, as they will not get experience points on completed missions . Only when you have enough resources for the class upgrades, you can use them again and continue to level.

Make a supply of Zeni and souls!

Building on the previous tip, you should always keep in mind that new characters will consistently hit the 300 and 600 limits. So that they do not have to wait long before you can level them up, you should always have enough Zeni and souls of the corresponding element to unlock their Boost Boards and upgrade classes.

So do not always consume all your Zeni and souls into all sorts of characters. Think about which characters you want to target to Level 1,000 and get an overview of the amount of Zeni and Souls that will be needed.

Levels characters with different elements

Each hero in the game is assigned to one of the five colored elements (yellow, blue, red, green, purple) . The exception is Shallot (Hero) , who owns the element “Licht” , which is currently not represented by a figure. According to the stone-scissors-paper principle, each element is superior to another and, in the opposite, vulnerable to another. Where:

  • Red> yellow
  • Yellow> Purple
  • Purple> green
  • Green> blue
  • Blue> red
  • Light> dark
  • Dark> Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue

These vulnerabilities should be remembered early, if possible. At a minimum, you should try to put at least one character of each element in your group. That way you can adjust to enemies. In the mission screen, you always see the elements of the enemies and can set up your team of three accordingly.

In battle, the strengths and weaknesses of the elements can then really bring the decision about victory or defeat. Always pay attention to the arrows next to the character portraits . If your chosen fighter just has a red arrow next to the picture, he is vulnerable to the opponent. Then switch accordingly to a character with a blue arrow. No arrow means that you are neutral to your opponent.

Complete the daily bonus bouts for EP and Zeni

Even if you do not have plenty of time to play each day, you should at least log in for a short time and complete the bonus bouts for EP and Zeni . These can be found under the events and they take no longer than a few seconds per combat depending on the combat power of your group.

Especially the EP-Boost helps you enormously, as you will receive several 10,000 experience points per conclusion. Do you have a little more time, still complete the daily missions that reward you with rare medals and other items.

Focus on the time-limited events

In Dragon Ball Legends regular event missions take place, with a countdown of the remaining days. Since you always have time for the normal activities in the game, you should focus on just those events.

Complete all missions, complete all challenges for the Z medals and specifically fulfill the event missions, so you can secure the maximum yield of items. Once finished, the events may not return so quickly.

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Focus on the Sparking Characters and level Sonicot

Sparking characters have the greatest potential in combat power and form the strongest fighters in the game. Therefore, you should level them first if you are lucky in summoning. At least Son Goku (Sparking) you can secure yourself without much trouble.

You can buy this for rare medals in the shop. You’ll also get SSJ Son Goku (Sparking) when you reach Z-rank 20, so you ‘ll be diligently completing the Z and Event missions, as well as daily challenges, to help you rise quickly.

Shallot (Hero) is currently the only character with the element “Light” in the game. Therefore, you should level it and not neglect it. Against characters with the element “Dark” you have better chances to win as soon as they are introduced to the game.

Dodge is the key to victory

To avoid attacks in combat, the missing step to dodge is your only chance. The timing is crucial here and especially in the online fight against other players you have to master this technique in order to be successful in the long term. You should note the following tips:

  • As soon as an exclamation point appears over the enemy’s head , you have to swipe right or left to avoid it. If you are away from your enemy, you will be teleported to his side if successful and you can start an attack.
  • You should never ignite powerful attacks like special attacks , if your opponent is in the normal state, because otherwise he can dodge easily. First, use a blow or ranged attack so that he is still thrown back and unable to move. That way, your special attack will definitely hit you.
  • With the right timing when dodging, you can even dodge the Rising Rush. However, we can not give you any tips here, since this is about pinpoint evasion and also some luck in the game.

Patience in combat therefore pays off. Do not always start directly with an attack, but let your enemy come and dodge his first attack. However, as a result, the enemy can also counter your attack by dodging again. Anticipation and responsiveness decide victory and defeat in Dragon Ball Legends.

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