Dragon Ball Legends Guide: Tips and tricks

Dragon Ball Legends Guide: Tips and tricks

Dragon Ball Legends is the latest fighting game based on the popular Japanese Manga series. It contains a brand new story with all your favorite characters and an original character created by Akira Toriyama. But to master Dragon Ball Legends, you have to choose your team carefully and get to know the system of the game. In this guide, we help you to become a true Dragon Ball legend.

Dragon Ball Legends has several game modes. There’s the main story, the side missions, and of course the ability to duel other players online in PvP battles. All of this can be very rewarding and basically requires the same skills: choosing the right team, knowing the characteristics of the fighter and using his special abilities.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with Dragon Ball Legends and how to take the right steps for long-term success in history as well as against other players.

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  • How to use elements
  • combat tactics
  • Story challenges
  • character development
  • Character class and rarity

Know your elements

Playing rock-paper-scissors with elemental powers, Pokemon style, is a staple of video games and Dragon Ball Legends has this in spades. As usual, the various elements are color-coded for your convenience. Dragon Ball Legends has five elemental colors: red, yellow, purple, green and blue. Then there are two special colors, Dark and Light.

The calculus of knowing which elements are strong against others is as follows:

  • Red> yellow,
  • Yellow> Purple
  • Purple> green
  • Green> blue
  • Blue> red
  • Dark> all named elements
  • Light> dark

Before you start a new story or event mission, take a look at the presented enemy and compare the elements with your own team setup. If the opposing colors are strong against their own teammates, then swap them for a suit that is strong against the opponents. You want to go into battle with as many character element benefits as possible.

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During the fight, pay attention to your character symbols yourself to know when to start or end a fight:

  • If they have a blue arrow next to them, throw them into the fight!
  • If they wear a red arrow, they are in trouble, so swap it for somebody else right away.

Tips and tricks to win in combat

Dragon Ball Legends is a fast and furious warrior who conjures up the hectic pace of the anime series, with warriors swirling around the sky, laying down quick bursts of punches and flashing projectiles. You need some good tactics to keep up with your opponent and know the right time to act.

  • Once the fight starts, move around your opponent for a while, looking for an opening (for example, if you want to dodge an opponent’s ranged attack).
  • Once you have discovered the opening, move closer and start knocking to do some melee attacks.
  • If you have saved some ki, activate one of your art cards. If you use three art cards in turn, you can destroy any opponent if you have lots of ki available.
  • Try to activate the cards that have a Dragon Ball icon next to them. In this way you will activate your Rising Rush attack for later use in battle.
  • As soon as the symbol of your character begins to shine, tap on it to use its special ability. These skills increase your character’s values, so it’s an advantage you want as fast as you can.
  • If you need to reload your ki, do so after repelling an opponent with an attack, otherwise you’ll just ask if you get a slap. Red art cards are great for repelling enemies.
  • Do not waste your Rising Rush attack early in battle. This turn does a lot of damage and should be saved for the last and most difficult opponent in the encounter.

Challenge yourself in the story

Goku trained hard to become the greatest martial artist in the universe, and so you should strive to do your best in every mission. Dragon Ball Legends not only rewards you for completing story missions, but also rewards you with style and skill. So imagine the challenge!

  • Each story mission in the game has certain challenges that you can see in the team setup of the mission. Usually, you have to complete seven tasks per mission to get the maximum reward. When you complete a challenge, you receive three Chrono crysts, that is 21 Chrono crystals that fulfill all seven challenges.
  • Completing challenges also gives you rare medals that can be traded for materials (souls) that you can use to help Limit Break your characters. You can also win extra rare medals by only winning ranked PvP matches.
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Increase your characters

After you’ve summoned and tested some new characters, you’ll probably have a good idea of ​​what your favorites are. To make characters faster, it’s better to focus on the main team instead of spending time and effort throughout the roster.

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So you can get EXP and quickly level up your fighters:

  • Just complete story missions: you get a steady stream of EXP as you advance.
  • You can repeat story missions to “farm” EXP safely, especially if you get stuck on later missions.
  • You can also put a character in training mode when a set timeout is reached. Do not worry – this character can still be used in combat. It’s worth putting one of your main characters in training and using them in your story team.
  • Limit Breaks increase the total strength and star strength of a character (seven stars are the maximum level). Limit breaks require Z-Power, which can be obtained from incantations and story missions.
  • Once you unlock the ability to activate a character, you can further improve the values. You need Zeni and souls to unlock new Boost boxes on a character’s Soul Boost board. After several Boost Panels you can activate a Boost Core / Class Up. This increases the performance of the characters and also unlocks new Boost Panels on their Soul Boost Board.
  • On the Equipment tab of the main menu, you can attach specific items to each character. These items basically activate passive buffs. Each item can be upgraded by spending Zeni and souls on it, and duplicate items can be sold to earn even more Zeni. Some boost core / class ups can unlock more equipment slots for a character.

What to do with characters you do not like or who are too weak for your main team? Send them on adventures to get resources, with which you can level up your main net!

Goku's Extreme Melee version

Character class roles and rarity

In addition to elements, each character is also assigned a specific class and rarity value. The four class types are melee, ranged, defense and support. The three rarity levels are Hero, Extreme and Sparking. Of course, rarer characters are more powerful than ordinary characters, but the same personality takes on different roles due to the rarity.

Forming the best team means looking at the element, type and rarity level of a character before each fight. Check the class and rarity levels for each of the following characters:

Hero (low-tier):

  • Goku (Ranged)
  • Gohan (Ranged)
  • Krillin (Defense)
  • Raditz (melee)
  • Saibamen (support)
  • Vegeta (Ranged)
  • Zarbon (defense)
  • Dodoria (melee)
  • Guldo (support)
  • Burter (support)
  • Jeice (support)
  • Re-combat (melee)
  • 1st form Frieza (defense)
  • Jaco (defense)
  • Yamcha (support)
  • Tien (defense)
  • Chiaotzu (Ranged)
  • Shallot (melee)
  • Nappa (support)
  • Fused with Nail Piccolo (Defense)

Extreme (mid-tier):

  • Goku (melee)
  • Tien (defense)
  • Chiaotzu (support)
  • Mercenary Tao (support)
  • Raditz (Ranged)
  • Nappa (melee)

Sparking (Top-Tier):

  • Pikkon / Paikuhan (melee)
  • Piccolo (defense)
  • Vegeta (Ranged)
  • Goku (defense),
  • Super Saiyan Goku (Ranged)
  • Pan (support)

The ultimate best characters are somewhat predictable for fans of the series. Sparking Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo have the right combination of skills to become an almost invincible team. If you have the opportunity to use these characters, then you should use your resources to develop them into your main team.

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We hope this guide will help you to be the best in Dragon Ball Legends! If you want to share more tips, do not hesitate to inform us in the comments!

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